Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Yawn of a cold day

Have you felt that too
When the dew is lit up
When the mist is like a cloud
And your bed feels like
The warmest place around

It's like an afternoon
On a cold winter day
The body wants nothing more 
Than a cuddly blanket's care

A hot cup of chocolate 
Could well be a respite 
But nothing can be more joyful 
Than the yawn before my nap

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Of Where Thy Want to Be

Of the likeness, the leaflets, the gongs of temple bells
With the waves of merriment, the joy of delight yells

I lived my life, in a daze as a witness
Seeking to know, what needn't be sought at

Just dive in, if you, want to win in this world then
Or step back further, to reach your true Self

Monday, January 02, 2017

The stone had the statue hidden, the sculptor only uncovered it

It is imperative in life to get rid of the claim of doership. As a Swamiji from Mata Amritananadamayi Matt put it so well recently: Even in our scriptures it is said that the potential for any outcome is within the raw material provided by nature itself. It's messaged thus that the stone has the statue hidden, the sculptor only uncovers it. In any other culture, it would not be so. The credit would go to the scultpor's creativity, skill and imagination. Or the credit would be "stolen" by the sponsor of the statue. But in the Vedantic thought, we all are just a medium. This understanding gives us an immense sense of freedom, and it takes us closer to Liberation / Moksha.

It is the sense of doership that fuels Ego and Competition. Once we take up the role of being a blessed medium in the Lord's hands, failure will not discourage us, nor would success go into our heads. One must hasten to add that this is not to encourage cessation of all activities. For it is clearly proven that there is no such thing. Even breathing is an activity. The attitude should be to incessantly serve, learn and get closer to the purpose for which is this human life i.e. to achieve Moksha.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

A New Year

A New Day, brings in, freshness as morning
A New Year, bounds in, with joy of chill winter

Celebrations, with firecrackers
Joy sounds at 12am

There was no, comparing,
The one sleeping, has missed it

There is this flavour, an Indian life brings it
You have New Years at midnight
You have New Years in mornings

The beauty as ever, is hidden in the meaning
The joy as anything, is hidden in our self

Look for this essence
Capture in true sense

And live life that each day,
Brings new meaning to living

Reflect, upon it
With joyous unattachment

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Where did we lose ourselves..

Who cares for the lonely soul
Walking in the scorching sun
Who cares whether he's eaten or not

Who thinks of his age and caste
When he has no money to show
Who wants him to be theirs to care

There was once a country who created Guest as God
There was once a people who would feed the passerby

Who was that crying baby
Who is this father lonely
Why is this mother crying so bitterly

Who wants your books and knowledge
What for your health and lustre
When not a poor soul you serve

This was once a spiritual abode for us all
This was once the richest place for our souls..