Friday, June 15, 2018

Do not miss the morning for anything

There is not a life lived
On this world the creation of marksmanship
That has lived if not seen
The rising ball of sun at dawn
And the brightened full moon at night

May you not miss the sunrise
In work and senseless pleasures that arise
And keep awake at dead of night
Sleep well and witness the morning glory
Bask in blessings of fresh morning
From none other than the ancient sun

Monday, June 11, 2018

A simple life

With the touch of simplicity
Does life come to bloom

Simple thoughts simple needs
A simple joy abounds

A deep satisfaction
That no pleasure can buy

A kind of smiling sleep
That no medicine can assure

A morning reflected

The bitter sweet tinge
Of the morning wake

Well slept and rested
At sight of cold day

No worries as a child
The craving of the heart

Cherish the simple life of past births
Now beaten to dust by greedy concrete

Thursday, June 07, 2018


This is a world of magic and dreams
Even life and nature no less than magic

Science is only magic you know
The rest is called magic, until you know

The love that bonds, a creature and it's young
The fight that precedes, the choosing of the mate

If this beauty not magic, what word would you choose
But hark remember, not the value you lose

And beyond all this magic, is the magician watching
He who understands, but has sadly forgotten
And stuck in his magic, engrossed and brooding
Searching for the way, out of his own maze

Tuesday, June 05, 2018


O Narayana, most loved Jagannathan
Each of your incarnations have led many to bliss

As Rama to Thyagaraja
As Krishna to Meera
As Venkatesa to Annamaya
Bless me with bhakti

At Sabarimala to the divine saint
And Bhadrachalam to Ramadasa
Grace this heart, with ever your presence

A lifetime is wasted, if the bliss of Bhakti not felt
O Dear Mahavishnu, one with the thousand names
May in minds and lips, be always your music

Monday, June 04, 2018

Come hither rain

The rain that brings with it, the wafting scents of Earth
The rain that sends messengers, as cooling breezes that blow
The rain that's carried fro, by heavy clouds with gait

That rain I look forward to, my heart with mirthful wait

Saturday, June 02, 2018


You show your roudra bhava
To scare the world's miseries away
Why do the world's gullible people
Shun you in that glorious form
Ignorant they verily keep away
From the very sight that can liberate
Merciful Kali, invoking fear and love
As every mother precious to child
Bless me with vision of your enchanting form
Free me from the chains that drag and drown

Pray for Viveka

Keep me immersed in your love dear Mother
Keep me enchanted by your forms O Vishnu
Let me not get distracted by the fleeting
Keep me absorbed in meditation Parameshwara

A thousand lives and still counting
This shortened memory trapped in life's cycle
Deluded to believe everything around as real
Give me Viveka to be engaged in the eternal

Extremes are extreme

The pendulum at one end,
Is the same at the other end

Austerity is as admonishing as Depravity is

You say one religion is violent
The reaction in name of defence, is also violence

As is war murderous of bodies
So is peace only through murder of souls

There never can be just happiness
And pray that there never is

For it would be, the end of all fulfillment

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Meditate and move on

The depth and silence in meditative mind
Takes me there to where peace lies
To the bliss that deep sleep enjoys
But refuses to share and let me keep

I go about mistakes in waking world
I need step back and shrug it off
For none that happened with my intent
Is nothing but Prarabdha in itself potent

Do not miss the morning for anything

There is not a life lived On this world the creation of marksmanship That has lived if not seen The rising ball of sun at dawn And the b...