Sunday, September 10, 2017

How the pendulum swung on religion in Kerala

I'm sure the religious among those at home in Kerala and from other states wonder, why really is the majority irreverent! Why the at best nonchalance to religion, though it's one of the crowd pullers to the state? You only have to go back a 100 years for the answers..

Swami Vivekananda was aghast at what he saw: The land of Adi Sankaracharya seeped in the worst form lower caste exploitation.

Narayana Guru stepped in and brought in social reform. But even he didn't assume or wanted it to go as far as it has now. Social reform has now become the end, and stopped being the means of something higher. Progress has been limited, restricted only to the then culpable Hindu followers. There has been no questioning or meddling with the Muslim or Christian customs. But the Hindu's pendulum definitely swung, and way far the other way...

Economic and Spiritual progress halted, and even declined. Philosophy is replaced by endless attempts to rationalize the Communist way of life, despite the evidence otherwise. The effects have been devastating with those in power being in self-denial: The state lives is a net consumer. Those bringing in revenue are those Malayalees slogging in the Middle East and other parts of Bharat. People are willing to shirk and strike than work! Per capita alcoholism is the highest in the country!! Is any social reform worth all this??

I'm a little surprised the Communists let the moniker "God's own Country" stay, I guess it was a to not hurt the last source of self-revenue, Tourism. With no industrialization and being the first to receive the South-West Monsoons, the greenery has survived. Ayurveda is another attraction, although again the Communists forget conveniently that it's religion-based..

A healthy corollary worth mention is how the Keralite, cutting across religious barriers, celebrates Onam together. I still feel proud to see that! I just hope, that some day, the country with its rich religious and philosophical culture, thrives once more in the field of Spirituality, sans the extremes of orthodoxy that have rightly been clip-winged.

View from a flight

View from flight, Is sheer delight
Crimson sunlight, against graying night
The clouds float below, retaining white
The yellow horizon, puts up a fight

Monday, September 04, 2017

As i fly

In content riseth, leaving all left behind
Come to pass, my creator's phase
In his glory I choose, to be calm inside
And feel his touch, to open my eyes

Beyond all clouds, we all have lived
Forgotten for in memory we believe
These impressions arise, when the creator wills
Yes the one, who witnesses within

Monday, August 28, 2017

Detached soul

Oh silent mind, you need not mind
The words and taunts, of the wordly crew
They just keep sailing, reaching nowhere
They only chide, to gather some pride

Oh gracious presence, you need not bend
For the gifts or stresses, they chose for you
They only did so, for they are jealous
Of your composure, that they never gained

Oh desireless heart, ever stay unattached
Those tugging for things, never stopped yearning
They tell you otherwise, but aren't the wise
And crave the most, the bliss you host

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Amme Bless Me

Amme you continue to test me
In various forms you express yourself
In every form I have not received you well

I have cried and complained
I have hurt and restrained
I have not deserved the love you poured
I stay obliged with downcast eyes

Amme please continue to bless me
Do not forsake those downtrodden
May I serve your every form
Please do bathe me, with devotion's nectar

Friday, August 18, 2017


You are firstly not, this body and mind
Whatever its nature, is surely not thine
In this deep misconception, is this universe alive
Your freedom from the fathomless, is only to realise

Thursday, August 17, 2017

World so balanced

In this world called greedy, ask any parent to trade their child, and you won't get one

In this world called selfish, ask a parent to keep the best for themselves first before giving to child, and you won't find one

In the world called lustful, see if a couple choose it over rearing children, and you'll be surprised

A lot is made about this world, a lot true, a lot false

The only truth lies in the knowing, that Mother Nature runs the world
Woven together with her fine thread of balance

Do your best but claim your rest

See the tiredness your feel within
But also feel it dissolving away
Your very presence is not just today
Meditate, Balance, do rest for the day

I had an inkling that you were there
When I laid down I felt your touch
The God within made up of Bliss
Embracing me in sleep of love

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Heavy Rain

The birds and their young shivering in their nests
The leaves shuddering in the gusts of breeze
The cats and dogs, cowering under rocks

While nature plays its games of adventure
You and I sit and miss all the fun
Sipping our coffee, the body decaying
No spirit left in mind, to brave those rains

Leaves us with no mirth, to live this gift of a life

How the pendulum swung on religion in Kerala

I'm sure the religious among those at home in Kerala and from other states wonder, why really is the majority irreverent! Why the at be...