Sunday, November 12, 2017


In this world, that has never seen peace
Where somewhere or else there is war
Where people are instigated by their very minds
There is no hope, for a spiritual growth

There is mob hysteria, out of control
There is the revenge, called an honour that too
Are we all not brethren, do we all not make mistakes

I may be just mere words
There are ones facing deep hurt
Can they for once submit
To a higher will that we all learn..

Monday, November 06, 2017

A nation hard working

Forever content, the five great lakes
That quench the thirst, of a nation hardworking
With people that both, work and play hard
With people that once, cared for family and God

The nation built, as close to nature
With equal opportunities, and outcomes earned
Today it bleeds, on violence and lust
Ain't not the roots, on which it thrived

And someday the lakes, will have questions to ask
Of what they served, are those men past
Is it a shadow, of the glory that was
That nation beloved, built on sweat to last

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Meditation Sadhana

When in meditation, listen to music, preferably divine. Say a Carnatic song in praise of a Devi or Devatha, or a chant in praise of the Atman. This elevates the mood, the feeling of the beauty in life, and avoids the mind from getting distracted.
It is better if half-way through the meditation, the music ends and one can stay immersed in the silence.

While starting off meditation, I try to repeat the same sequence so the mind is prepared for going into the meditative waves:
- Repetition of Om when breathing in and out: Say 7 times
- Repetition of Ma when breathing in and Om when breathing out, visualizing Amma: Say 7 times
- Repetition of Om when breathing in and Namah Shivaay when breathing out, visualizing Sri Shiva: Say 7 times
- Repetition of Om when breathing in and Namo Narayana when breathing out, visualizing Sri Vishnu: Say 7 times
- Repetition of my Sahaj Samadhi Mantra once visualizing my Guru Sri Vidyaji
- Repetition of Om Dakshinamurthaye Namaha 3 times and chanting Guruve Sarva Lokanaam while visualizing Sri Dakshinamurthy appearing at the center of the eyebrows and settling on a Lotus in my heart region
- Invoking my Isha Devi Sri Saraswathi 3 times and chanting Saraswathi Namasthubhyam while visualizing Sri Saraswathi Devi appearing at the center of the eyebrows and settling on a Lotus in my heart region

Thereafter going through the regular sequence of (not everything in a single session of 20 minutes, but continuing across sessions):
- Invoking the 7 Devatas / Devi from top of the head to the base
- Going through the chakras from the Muladhaar to the Sahasraar praying to the residing Devi / Devatas
- Meditating on "Who Am I" as taught by Sri Ramana Maharishi
- Pancha Kosha Neti Neti meditation
- Asanghoham and Asangha, Sat-Chit-Ananda, Swaprabha, Dwaita Varjita sequence
- Meditating on the 4 Maha Mantras from the Upanishads
- Awareness of the Breath and "Hollow, Empty" feeling taught by Sri Sri Ravishankar
- Repetition of Om in a focused manner for the rest of the session
- Keeping the mind silent for the rest of the session

At any given point anytime during the above session, if the mind goes silent, that is given precedence. The steps all above are only the means to keep the mind away from distraction, and focus the mind towards reaching this silence.

Witnessing the mind, and then feeling as the witness to all around. As the one who is in the the final realization..

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Sweet remembrance

I just came to say goodbye
Couldn't touch you and just leave you by

A melting of emotions is an embrace worth
I think not it wasn't worth the regret

A sweet remembrance of beautiful days gone by
Can be desserts for a lifetime of swinging desires that fly

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Mother Nature and Father Earth

Usher in, the big blue sky
The wind and sun, let them in bright

Your Matchbox homes are not for living
They are best, only for sleeping

Let your feet, kick up dust
Let your legs, wade in waters

Learn to climb, the mountains strong
Let your arms, do help to all

Without this nature and sky, you are nothing
You were created, as their own children

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Hold off the ego

It's not that needed, the flight to worth
By proving I am better than thou

We all live for just few years
After which who cares who won

I am of Bliss, and so are you
And we talk even if not in words

Then why the anxious need to fight
Let's work out something that holds for now

Until there are, better times..

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Chaitanyam after body's death

There are a lot of documented experiences on those who go through near-death experience on how they seem to have "eyes and ears everywhere". Are able to communicate with the creator. And how Sri Sri Ravishankar explains that this is a 2-3 day phenomenon. After which the body mostly chooses to move "forward" to the heavenly realm away from this world and experiences, than stay on.
The most important lesson for the loved ones left behind is to apart from mourning the loss, also encourage the departed soul to move on, not worry about us, and to express gratitude for all that they gave us during this life. This can be in silence, in thoughts, for the departed are not restricted to feel and know anything during this time.

My interest now is to share my point of view on how, from the Advaitic standpoint of Chaitanyam, does this work:

We know that when the Sthoola Shareera (body) dies, the Sukshma Shareera (prana/life force, mind) moves out, rests and comes back to take up another body unless it has realised its oneness with Brahman. Its next birth in this world will be determined by its karmas stored as vasanas (impressions) in the mind.
If it has realised its oneness with Brahman, then there are no impressions left due to its utter conviction about the nature of life, and so the Sukshma dissolves into Brahman, never to return unless divinely ordained, as the Avataras come back. (What isn't clear to me still is that for me, a Jivamukta state is necessary to reach this. If Videhamukta, it means the Sukshma Shareera after losing the body only realises Brahman, but that's too late in my view and would have impressions before body's death).

This Sukshma, which includes the Prana, and pervaded by Chaitanyam, is the reason why there is life throbbing. Without the Chaitanyam, Life would exist without "Awareness" of its existence. And this role of Chaitanyam convinces me that the tiniest insect, the plants, they all are aware. Of their existence and of those around. And that the only reason humans raced ahead is the added gift/tool of "mind".

And this Chaitanyam that pervades all is also the reason why Sukshma uses its awareness to see and hear those around. To take stock of its new status (as without a body) and settle to that fact. And then Sukshma leaves for an abode which I don't understand much. Apparently also a place where one meets ancestors (pithru), Gods, and then plans for its next birth into a body, to rid itself of its impressions.

The pursuit as always being to dissolve into Brahman..


In this world, that has never seen peace Where somewhere or else there is war Where people are instigated by their very minds There is no...