Sunday, February 19, 2017

Nature is Us

From the core of this Earth, is the lava flowing
Like the anger suppressed, that boils in our hearts

Not one but generations will suffer its wrath
As we do without letting go, through multiple births

There is no way, you can win against nature
It can wreak its revenge, stealing your peace of mind

For you are It, you just refuse to recognize
That we are created, run by the same God that is Us

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Why feel happy that you have limitations

Why desperate to be, one among many
Why embrace the common, the pervasive anonymity

Know you are special, feel it with humility
Seek out and contribute, your skills as if duty

Know that potential, for supreme is infinite
Realize that verily, this is your identity


The eyes, your eyes, have dreamt huge dreams
They have expressed wonder, and the desire to live

To cherish and remember, this world so living
To watch in silence, the sun and the shining

Come close have these eyes, to deep meditation
For in sleep there is nowhere, to trust and envision

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Jallikattu: The messaging has to be different

Numerous bans, portrays of violence and gore, and years of turmoil. And all through this, the real message was not shared.

As with everything else, traditional practices had a reason behind it. While the case of choosing more civilized practices is something you can't push down, let not the intent be allowed to be swept under the mat.

Once such topic is Jallikattu: the traditional bull sport. One look at the event, and you'd write it off as barbaric. Both for the participants who could lose their lives, and the injury and trauma both the humans and especially the bull would go through.

But what was the reason for this sport being practiced. It was to find the more virile bull, that is then chosen to breed for the next generation. It was to ensure the healthiest variety of protein continues and perhaps the main reason it has passed on for centuries.

And what's being missed behind the calls for banning the sport, is the ulterior motive also. Corporates who want Jersey cows to be imported and used in our country.

As with Allopathy, as with fertilizers, and as with even cultural embrace of the Western world, be it dress codes or nuclear families, why do we choose to ignore of the problems they currently face: guns, sociopaths, divorce, terminal illnesses. And realize we are heading that way. Of course, the practice of corruption since independence has made our soul quite hollow. But still doesn't mean we can't redeem yet.

Why do we ignore our strength in world population being 1/6th. We are a progressing nation. I'm all for everyone learning English, but let Sanskrit be a close second. Wear the western clothes, but wear yours too equally. Choose Allopathy for quick relief, but stick to Ayurveda at all other times.

Viveka: That's the first practice taught in our spiritual disciplines, but what we utilize last.

Yes, choose to ban the sport if needed, but ensure there's an equally capable and sustainable alternative plan first to ensure the Indian breed is accepted by consensus.

Bite the bullet: If it's chewable you made it, if not it's experience!

Why hold back, just go chew it
What prevents you, from being struck by lightning

You know not how much, time you have in hand
You know not the next crippling experience that arrives

You have been blessed, you were born and grew up
Consider yourself, the most special to be here

Just don't go back, on the couch into a shell
Go out there, or the drawing board, make the big plans

There's nothing to lose, we all die to be sure
Just bite the bullet, go for it,
Go find out if, you were chosen for this!

Monday, February 06, 2017

The caught-on people

You see a lot of people from India in the US, some of who really don't fit-in, but just want to. Instead of holding on to who they really are, they want to gel-in. It's like they want to forget who they are, where they come from.  It' like the red-necks in downtown. But while the farmer holds on to identity, these Indians don't want to. I think it's an Inferiority complex, a low self-esteem.

These are people from the villages of India, those who'd even find the Indian city life alien. Typically the city-bred Indians are those who most easily fit in the US. Easily connect with their US compeers as they've both grown up watching the same TV shows and games. There is a cultural connect just right there. They think in English, like their US counterparts. They have a sense of how they carry themselves, very naturally being accustomed to the cosmopolitan life. Much of US is just that, a melting pot of the world's cultures, a nation of immigrants.
It is also these city-bred Indians who don't mind coming back home. But to an Indian city mind you. Because they were just as happy with the city life here, as they were with the life in the US. Given the right choices (career, online services, specialty hospitals, excellent education standard) , they will weigh options of family also being in India and just fly back without regret.

But the Indians from the villages are there first for the money. And there after to rub off who they are. They show that sense of belonging only when they want to show off back in their village. They'll even send pictures of their poor upbringing to their friends in the US, and vice-versa show back to the villagers back home, that they are still the same old village-bumpkin who loves dal-chaawal the most. But deep within they resent it, they are relieved they escaped it, and fear what if they have to come back here. To be fair, even an Indian city is as alien to these folks as a US downtown or suburb.
And so they've decided to just cling on. They are desperate to make, and clutch on to Caucasian friends. Also maybe African-Americans. They keenly observe these friends, and try to adapt their ways of life. But deep within, they are just not comfortable. They don't know why. If only they realized, that even by accepting their true selves, America will equally hold them in embrace.

Sigh, these caught-on people!

Atman just Is: Even Time is Within Atman

O Those of you, Who say Atman is Eternal
Why do you, knowing twist the point

For Atman is from where, the time-concept arose
Atman right now, past or future just don't say

With Atman realized, you go beyond time and space
Verily this whole universe, this very Atman projects

It is to be realized, but It wants Itself to be masked
Say legends that Creation cast
For Atman to forget loneliness

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Catching up on email is fine, but don't lose the point

There are a lot of people who tell me at work "Got to catch-up on email". I wish like telling them back "Hope just the relevant ones". For beyond that, it's just plain reading. Not very efficient usage of time. Something that you can catch up on in a single status update meeting.

As the world has caught on to email, and gone beyond to messaging, it's time to realize just that. That now Email is a Saturated Medium.
I, for one, use a combination of Filters to ensure I read the emails from clients and important stakeholders. There could be other methods than filtering by Sender, depends on your context.

It's about Messaging, and the WhatsApp groups and Slack channels are all for this.

And above all, and I think for all time to come, will continue to be conversation between two people. Ideally face-to-face, but if not, over video call or via the phone. No form of text communication will ever be able to replace that.

Realize, and Prioritize for efficiency!

Infosys paintings: the profusion of talent

There were a series of paintings exhibited in the Infosys campus recently. And I was struck by how professional it all seemed like! I also kept an eye on who the painters were, and their employee numbers:

  • Some of them must be straight out of college, and what amazed me was the keen eye to detail. 
  • While others seemed to be quite senior employee numbers, which means they were devoting a significant part of their personal time towards this pursuit.
  • I also noted that the same painter at times had multiple paintings. Each of them wonderful. Meaning this was genuine talent at display.

I wish our country had more avenues for them to prosper, just as painters. It's very obviously their first love, but they can't earn their meal with just it. Well, in another time maybe!

Hats off to each of them!!

The desire to possess, and then boredom

This is so true of anything you want to possess in this world. At the base level, objects. Be it the latest gadget or car or even home. And yet deeper, the desire to possess family: First the anticipation / the thrill of even not knowing what to expect, and then the boredom.
I have felt it for every gadget I looked forward to, whether purchased or gifted to me didn't seem to make a difference. Only the fact that it belonged to me, like the laptop from work or the Android phone I purchased. But in time, I've felt the feeling wane down. So much so, I now recognize and know that this is what will happen!
Likewise it is with family, you start a family and automatically have a series of expectations. Only it's all unfair. You can only, and only, do your duty. To them, your family. It's for yourself you are doing this duty, whether you like to portray as a sacrifice or not. With children, this expectation is even more deep-seated. For you truly change everything about yourself to make their life be good. But still, realize, you are doing it only for yourself.
The possessing or owning of things and being part of community, be it family or society is not incorrect. But the feeling of possessing or owning it is the beginning of the downfall. Have the feeling of serving each of the roles entrusted to you, and let each one fall off when you start with the next role, be it in your day, or your life. And feel that liberated feeling, the load lifting off, the openness in your embrace!!