Sunday, December 04, 2016

The Farmer in the City

This is a story I tell my son. This is a story economists should tell their protégées. This is a story law-makers should contemplate upon: A story of self-sufficiency vs consumerism:

There was once a farmer, who lived in a small village. Happy, healthy, and provided, he had his home and his farm. He had clothes and simple meals to eat. He woke early, prayed and got to his farm. He felt the rush of happiness after a day's tiring work. He met people, they talked and sang God's name together. He meditated and slept well.

And then came his school-friend, who'd come to this native. And lure him, the friend did the farmer, to the merits that await in city. Uncourageous he taunted, had the farmer been all life. And so the farmer took this, his old friend's advice. And off he left for "high-lands", if only for a few weeks at first. The friend bade him farewell, as he stayed back on vacation.

Day 1 the farmer spent, watching all day TV. Never had he been, in such big hotel rooms.
But by end of day he felt, the eyes tired and burning, and yet the body lazy.
He slept not well, he realized for once, what sleeplessness meant.

Day 2 the farmer decided, he should spend out shopping. Never had he needed, as all his money did spend.
By end of day with guilt, he rushed back at the shock.
The cherished value for money, he had all but lost.

Day 3 the farmer made up, will be spent in watching. The beauty he had come for, the life that city promises.
And ate he all he could, and walked about in boredom.
For what beauty lies, buildings lined in space crunch.

Day 4 he learnt illness, what he'd hardly known in life
For no sweat was he breaking, and only junk been eating

Day 5 he set out, to buy his own vegetables
And realized that money's, not fair like barter exchange

I'm reminded of Khaleel Dhantejvi's Ab Main Ration ki Qataaron mein Nazar aata hoon (YouTube Link)

Day 6 he sat sulking, at the cost of city life
(A habit he had not known)
And what he gained, and what he lost
At arriving here on friend's advice

Not wait for Day 7 did he,
Rushed back to village he did
And found his friend recuperating
Detoxing addictions and diseases

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Rediscover Life, through the eyes of a Child

The child's eyes, are an opener to ours
With innocence we've lost, they look out for us
And point out the beauty, in smallest of things
Enlighten with curiosity, what we'd taken for granted

The vision of children, and what they love most
Is what we should aspire, and drive forces toward
They don't want gadgets, but only our time
They take out our patience, to only fill it with joy

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Questions and Clarifications on Advaita Vedanta - 1

Have been listening to a lot of wonderful Youtube videos on Advaita Vedanta by Swami Sarvapriyananda: Drig Dishya Viveka (YouTube Link) and Aparokshanubhuti (YouTube Link).

Some of these do lead to questions, which is both a natural and healthy process for any learning and growth. As I hear most of these videos when I'm in commute, I want to document questions I remember and clarifications I receive for those in individual Blog Posts.

So here goes:

  • Q: We say that there is blankness in deep sleep. And the mind is turned off. How then, if there is stomach pain, do we wake up from sleep. When we say that mind controls the senses, and the mind itself is turned off. While the consciousness is not connected to the senses
  • Q: If Sukshma Shareera (Mind) transmigrates from birth to birth, why aren't memories from the previous birth retained.

Any answers from readers welcome

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Narasimham series Part 8: The visit to temples

Part 7 | When I came out of the meditation, did I realize. What seemed like eternity, was just a few moments passed. And such is the beauty of true meditation, the ability to grasp the Source. I stood up now quite sure. The dawn had just broken, and the crimson sun was on the rise. The Devi and Narasimham temples would just have opened. I performed my ablutions in a nearby stream. Quenched my thirst, my hunger long mastered. And briskly darted to the temples at visible distance. The Narasimham temple was first, to express my gratitude. Though for reasons unknown, it was he who protected, this mortal life at risk. As I sat in quietness, within the sanctified temple premises, I felt that bliss again, settle deep within. The temple pujari I knew, but he too knew I'd renounced. So there was a surprise in his look, but the priority were the morning Abhishekam. When the pujari stepped out of the sanctum, he suddenly startled looking at me. And down fell the thali, with the kumkum he was getting for me.. 

Life is Short, Keep it Simple

From the brushes off painting are countless insects destroyed
Not a step in life, where death we can avoid

Yet cling on to mortal, do we day and night
Yet greed and vice pervade us, next generations not in mind

Not every quarter needs growth, there is a life to fulfill
Let not the short gains blind side, the beauty that lies within

Not every thing of beauty, would be any much in sync
Realize the need and hope to, keep this life simple

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The point in meditation when you transcend time

There is that time, when sat still in peace
Be it meditation, contemplation or prayer
Comes an event that transcends time

This does come, when engrossed in work
This does come, when blithe in play
But the experience that comes, when you meditate
Takes you the closest, to the source of power

It's like how, the alarm rings in morn
And one awakes amazed
Wasn't it a minute before I slept

Rested and refreshed
Is meditation greatest
When you connect with the truth
When you embrace bliss forever