Lessons from the movie Joker

"The true state of the poor in our nation" is how I'd put it. Manipulated and used as throw-aways, the poor get  a bad deal at every level. And this movie is a perfect reflection of that.

You also get the view of how activism, if made pervasive, can really give the system small but sure jolts of correction. It's my firm belief that those who are retired should tirelessly work towards that. Ideally so should the ones privileged, but they just don't. They've been dealt a good hand and end up pursuing pleasure and running after more money.

This is a must-watch. You will come out shaken..

Stages of Spirituality - 2

Spirituality has various stages of progress:
- Karma Yoga: Nobody can live without action. An attitude of Seva to every action is what is needed to purify our motives. Surrendering action and outcomes (good/bad) to a Guru or God and to go beyond results. Losing the ego sense and getting lost in the work is achievable. This  can achieve excellence and deep satisfaction.
- Raja Yoga: Maintaining health firstly. Through practice of Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Indeed the Yama/Niyama steps are also part of maintaining balance and mental health. Perfect health and glimpses of Samadhi are achievable.
- Bhakti Yoga: Devotion and dedication to God. Practicing Karma Yoga properly helps mature in Bhakti Yoga. Those advanced in this practice have their Ishta Deva/Devi always in mind. They identify with the God and feel one with that God. Becoming the Ishta Devata itself is achievable.
- Jnana Yoga: Knowledge of Self. That which eventually helps one know our own true nature, the truth of creati…

The rush and the rework

Of what use the rush, the insatiable deadlines
What has come of thinking, that is not clear and calmCompanies have fallen, with sight on the quarters
Only those will live, where stakeholders at easeYou say today's the deadline, could you go back and ask
To self and the rest, won't they prefer the job done rightThings will take their time, and have humans at work
You give them balance, and leave all with less rework!

The Sunshine

May you shine, as the sun on cobwebs
Lighting up caves, dark for ages

May that warmth, drive out the frost
Numbing and hurting, but refusing to go

May that bliss, be the reason to live
And one that I reflect, all around the mist

Sorrowful Pleasure

Those delved in pleasure, oh they miss bliss
I feel so compassionate, so sorry for them
They know not that, they could stand at the helmRemember that feeling, when you hold a loved one's hands
What you absorb, when the dawn's rays shine
Is there any pleasure, that can match that blissWhy then do we, roil in desires
Why then this world, of petty wants and disputesEngage in what you do, not pursue the result
Find a meaningful activity for purpose, balance your life
And feel that joy, a thousand desires cannot satisfy

A sudden rain

To the drums of thunder, were rain-arrows shot
The shiver of lightning, gusty winds raced from

Umbrellas upturned, still people in mirth
Intoxicating feeling, the water and smell of dirt

The Vedas being chanted, the Homas now fulfilled
Devas Indra and Varuna, these showers having blessed

The visible change with spirituality: the way we respond

All of us who balance worldly and spiritual life I'm sure face these questions: 1) Why do we firstly come into spiritual life.  2) Is there any practical purpose to this 3) If the spiritual goal isn't reached, is it all naught
Well to answer the first question, I think many attribute various reasons.  -> Oft attributed is difficulty in wordly life: BereavementA sense of failure be it in educational result, office projects, or relationshipPoor circumstances be it health or financialAs a stress-buster This usually wanes off when that particular feeling is assuaged or situation is taken care of. And as it often happens, life moves in waves. So things change, and the commitment to spirituality changes if this was the reason
-> Oft seen though is retirement from active duties. A sense of realization and acceptance that the end of life is appearing.
Typically people who get into spirituality at this stage in life, are there mostly to pass time and socialize with like minded pe…

Stages of spirituality - 1

I feel there is not a place in the world as conducive to pursue spirituality as is Bharat. It has become so due to centuries and aeons of cultural, religious and philosophical heritage around spiritual progress.Instead of competing with other countries on the same parameters as they do to measure development, those brought up here should appreciate our heritage and introspect our unique USPs. Something like how Bhutan measures itself on Gross Happiness Quotient. My challenge to our nation is: Why can't we measure ourselves on (say) Gross Enlightenment Quotient.By doing this we'll first be forced to reflect, then introspect, and then come up with a way forward. The reason an entity, be it an individual, or a country looks outside for guidance, is the recognition that we have made mistakes. And the inferiority complex that goes with it. In the context of Bharat, it was the embarrassing fact that although united by religion and philosophy, the rulers never chose to be united. Whi…

I Alone am This, then what to Desire

Oh what's there in this world, that I must desire
When the whole world exists, in my consciousness

This world disappears, when I go to sleep
Time and place happens, when I look for it

What do I desire from it, when I only am This
Nay, not just, but more than any This

Why fear should exist, why see differences around
When everything is only, like waves or bubbles within me