Friday, June 23, 2017

One more time

One more time, you will play in my lap
One more time, I will give you your bath
One more time, we will play hide and seek
One more time, I will guide what you seek

You are your brother, my one more child
A lifetime's wait has this, life borne fruit

I can't wait your brother, says for all that he wants
I can't wait to love you, One more time all over!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Of Love

For the reason that the rivers moisten the soil
My eyes wet ecstatic for that touch of love

There was never a time when I was not brimming
Oh for the moments I lost, sad and complaining

If there is one feeling we must all touch upon
It is of Love, hopeless, timeless, encompassing!

Monday, June 12, 2017


Immoral is not he, when he sleeps and pays a Veshya
Immoral is the one who, covets his neighbor's wife

Immorality is not when, he burns his life in cigarettes
Immorality is the making, money off the smoke that kills them

Don't lecture others on morality, lessons no one sought for
Just see within and look for, the true intent of mind

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

I'm sure it's tasty, but..

The taste of desire is ever lasting
As long as you live on this planet

Engulfed by Maya, there is no escape
The only freedom is to stay apart

It's just like one chooses to keep away
From those that addictively ailing
The cigarettes, the drugs, the alcohol
We know them tempting if you once start

So too stay away from food formed animals
Our bodies were never, built to eat them

So too stay away from stress, anger and lust
Our minds were never, build to bear them

Devi Blessings

Blessings, O Devi, I seek from your feet
My prostrations, My prayers
For your kind eyes to shine upon
This devotee of thee

I am your child, my Mother please see
Caress me as a baby, smiling on thy lap

There be no desires, let me be free
Free me Mahamaye, from this world's retreat

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

No genius

Come there is no genius
We are all, come here with mental states
Accumulated over lifetimes not years

We come here to exhaust Karma
Not understanding we termed genius
Live and die confused

Think we are special but really not
Only as special as each one is

Recognise and devote in pursuit of the divine
Once you fulfill the grace gifted

Monday, June 05, 2017

Fresh Peace

The grayed out clouds' gloom even while the evening sun shines. The jaundiced shade to the day, while one expects (and prefers) orange.

Just a drip of raindrops enough for the earth to emanate the sweetest scent.

I wonder why we just can't sit together, share and stare..

Why the blood letting and angst, when even sin can be confronted by a stern but happy will!

Sunday, June 04, 2017

The One experiencer

Make good the promises
  Of the births gone by
Travails have been various
  Of soul tormented by life
You are the one, just the only one
  Experience and then die
Only to come back once again
   Into that tireless circle called Life

One more time

One more time, you will play in my lap One more time, I will give you your bath One more time, we will play hide and seek One more time, ...