Thursday, February 22, 2018

The happiness through touch

Don't you think he feels by mirth
When being carried around in search of sleep
The bliss and happiness I feel in his hug
And when I think of him wailing to be picked

I believe our minds, our feelings are porous
Just as the food carries the mind of the cook
Babies sense the mood changing, cries when his brother does
And rolls in laughter at even things that make no sense


The glorious Shivalinga is truth
The form of Shiva just for our eyes

But the Shivalinga is him
As we just the Atman within

A thumb sized flame
Part of that blazing pillar

I bow in prayer and devotion
To that endless truth

A newborn touch

The touch of bliss the human feels
When he holds the child, and the child holds tight
There is no greater, feeling of trust
Than the child smiling back, a toothless joy

The blessings worth, the newborn bundle
The showers of mirth, the calmness within
You look with happiness, at the baby crying
There is tiredness, but  with strength of giving

Monday, February 19, 2018

Don't miss it

A part of you, belongs there
You miss it, and long to go back there
You grapple your sources, your friends and resources

There is all here, you don't deny that
But a pang exists, and one can't deny that
It's all right, like the memory of first love

Places and people, they all are of nature
There isn't a cause here, of the joys and knots felt
You will be led, like every life is
Karmas fulfilled, until you exhaust it

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Not the doer

As leaves blown away by afternoon winds
As the ripples of the lake  scurry outward nowhere
I have sitting under trees watched all this and wondered
Isn't that just how life goes yonder

No matter what you think, you believe or feel
There was not one thing, you did on your own
Led by karmas of the past, weaving those to the future
Futile until realised, bound by none at all

Saturday, February 10, 2018

The results in current life is Prarabdha, the actions lead to Agama

Indeed complicated are the behaviours and manifestations of Karma. We are taught that the current birth is the result of that past Karma. We are exhausting our current (Prarabdha) Karma. Even Jivanmuktas who stop accumulating Karma, have to live on until their Prarabdha Karma gets exhausted.
Sanchita Karma on the other hand is Karma from the past that has expired.
And Agama Karma is what most of us humans are accumulating, which will show results in future birth.
But there is also the apparently direct experience that when I sow the seeds, the crops grow. If I do not, they won't. If I study hard, then I'll get good marks, else I won't.
It really does seem so, but is it truly so? If it was indeed as simple as that, why does direct experience also report results to the contrary. We all have seen that we prepare hard at times, and yet the result is not in our favour. You slip when running the race, or your train is delayed to the exam location. Or you make that silly mistake in the exam or project.
Why do you think one of Krishna's best advices was to not get anxious about the result. That you don't have any control or even the right to it. That indeed the best approach is to surrender all efforts to God. This we because of two reasons:
- The purpose of life is to get moksha and stop the constant accumulation of Karma. Surrendering effort as service to God stops any expectation of results, and helps stop the accumulation of Karmic results that have to bear fruit later.
- The mechanics of the working of Karma: It's hard to believe but based on the experience of our ancestors who developed the theory of Karma, all the results that you get today were actually earned by efforts in the previous birth. There is also an exception to the rule that if the effort was intense, it shows result early i.e. in the current birth itself. This is difficult to explain and has a level of subjectivity. It is also difficult to prove from the standpoint of direct experience.
But also understand this is why Life does not look fair which all of us experience. People seem to get results despite not having earned them.
First lesson is to accept that they have earned it indeed, even if in the past life. And that for their wrongdoing now, they will get the resultant punishment, if not now then in the next Life.
Life and Karma are really most fair!

No comparing

Why to compare, when your purpose is known
Yes those you worked with, earn far more or less today
Those you laughed with, cry or are in bliss today
Those with varying skills, are doing things totally different

But can you ever see, what's inside them, when that's what only matters
Is there the peace, or even pursuit of it
Is there the blessings, of being with loved ones, when it matters most

There can be no comparing in this
To each his own, the purpose known
Not here you to earn the most
Indeed rather to earn what comes

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Let go, you are not the doer

There is the laughter, the chuckle of children
The bubbling joy of being born, the mirth of playing in mud
We think our life is full of tensions
Just watch how children live with none

It is nothing but ego, the feeling of importance
The feeling that I am the doer of all
Forgetting that there is a higher power
That brought us here, gave us this all.

Monday, February 05, 2018

Buy organic or settle for cheap

We all know it's good for us. We all know feeding ourselves with pesticides and some also agree that eating genetically modified or artificially grown stuff does not seem correct. Yet, we do it..

And the reason for this reflects the short-sightedness with which people live life today: The immediate cost

Gone are the times when our forefathers prayed and thanked God before eating. Or mentally offered the food first to those we are indebted to for this Life. Who knows, even the gods rather not eat the chemicals mixed into our food..

Organic food is grown sustainably, and using natural ingredients for seed, soil, fertilizer and pesticides. It is even scientifically shown that usage of chemicals makes the soil arid over time.

Of course, this investment to ensure we use nature's gifts while not abusing or exploiting it means an artificially created higher cost today than natural options. But isn't it worth it, considering we would thus be protecting it for our children!
Think about it: We humans have been cultivators for centuries. It's only now that with the use of chemicals that resources are getting poisoned. Isn't that reason enough to put an end to it and go back to natural means of growing things.

And when you go back to root causes for this, it started with human greed, to achieve a higher yield per capita. Not very different from consuming steroids at the peril of our own long term health for a short term advantage!

It is also known these days through scientific studies that keep getting muffled in the noises made by vested interests that reading chemical laden stuff is carcinogenic.
Yet common sense is not common, very much like how the stacks are put up against Ayurveda.
And we continue to eat the proliferated poisons.

Prayer to Devi and Maheshwara

Shiva Maheshwara Jatadhara Deva
Guide this ignorant one, you keeps repeating folly

With Devi thy consort, this delusioned soul seeks comfort
As a mother cajoles, to wake up and go forth

May you both forever reside
Light the darkness of my heart
Clear the cobwebs of desire
And fill the emptiness with nectar

Silence in Love

Silence marked the love in both
They needn't words just as nature works

They held hands, she trusted him
Which in turn, gave him confidence

Leaves swaying in breeze, would best describe
The union of two, bound by silent love

Sunday, February 04, 2018

When ignorance is tired

In this world of Avidya
Where we live out the wishes of senses
Mother Devi please bless me
Relieve me from the cycle of lifetimes

Tired my soul, has seen it all and again
Forgets the past and fooled into repeating again
Meant to live out karmas but keeps building on
Mother wake the Tired Atma, from sleep in your lap

The happiness through touch

Don't you think he feels by mirth When being carried around in search of sleep The bliss and happiness I feel in his hug And when I t...